Bubble hash, named for the way it bubbles when smoked, refers to a specific type of hash made with ice water. To make bubble hash, cannabis flower is added to bags of ice water (called “bubble bags”) and agitated, which freezes and then breaks the resin glands from the flower. These broken resin glands, which contain essential compounds like THC and CBD, move through a series of screens while the plant material is left behind, forming bubble hash

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Kief: Unveiling the Essence of the Cannabis Plant

Unlock the pure essence of the cannabis plant with Kief, a remarkable concentrate that captures the very soul of this extraordinary herb. At HighTime Herbals, we invite you to explore the essence of cannabis with our premium Kief.

Nature’s Essence

Kief is the natural treasure of the cannabis plant, containing the concentrated trichomes that hold its aromatic compounds and cannabinoids. It’s a true testament to the plant’s complexity and beauty.

Aroma of the Earth

Prepare to be enchanted by the earthy and aromatic fragrance of Kief. Each whiff is a journey into the heart of the cannabis plant, where a world of scents and sensations await.

Flavorful Magic

Indulge in the flavorful magic of Kief as it dances across your palate. Its rich and nuanced flavors provide a sensory experience that’s both bold and delicate, leaving an indelible mark on your taste buds.

Pure Cannabis Essence

Kief represents the essence of the cannabis plant, embodying the natural compounds that make it such a beloved and versatile herb. It’s a true reflection of the plant’s diverse and unique qualities.

Versatile Use

Whether you choose to sprinkle it on your favorite strain, create potent edibles, or explore other creative uses, Kief offers versatility in how you enjoy the cannabis experience.

Elevate Your Cannabis Journey

HighTime Herbals invites you to embrace the extraordinary with our premium Kief. Step into a world where the essence of cannabis comes to life, offering a deeper connection with this remarkable plant.

Rediscover Cannabis

Don’t miss the opportunity to rediscover cannabis in its purest form. Shop now and elevate your cannabis experience with our premium Kief, a product that celebrates the essence of this incredible plant.


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