Ketamine was created in 1962. It was the first dissociative anaesthetic agent in modern medicine, meaning that at high doses it can create a strong feeling of disconnection from one’s self and reality. In this trance-like state, surgery can be performed without causing a patient pain and distress. Since it was created, ketamine has been used safely for over 50 years in anaesthesia and over 20 years in chronic pain management and for almost 20 years in the treatment of mood disorders.

Picture anaesthesia in the 1950s: there were no automatic patient monitors, and the drugs we had were either flammable or had very narrow therapeutic windows (meaning too little and the patient was awake, too much and the patient died, and there was very little happy middle ground). Doctors and scientists desperately needed better medicines. They found phencyclidine or PCP first. PCP is a very safe and non-flammable drug that causes anaesthesia effects at a wide range of doses. Unfortunately, PCP can cause severe hallucinations and even flashbacks weeks later. So scientists and doctors explored derivatives of PCP and found that one of them, now called ketamine, had all the wonderful anaesthetic properties of PCP with only mild, short-lived hallucinations that rapidly diminish after active administration.

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